Changes to San Francisco Tenant Ordinances

Dear Investment Property Owners: I hope you are all having a great summer. There have been several changes to San Francisco Tenant ordinances as of late. Please take the time to read the below so you understand the changes and are able to comply.     Ellis Act Backlash: The Supreme Court shut down the… Read More

Action Required: Write Your State Assemblymen to Stop AB1506

Greetings! Lawmakers have introduced a bill to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, landmark legislation that exempts new construction and single-family homes from local rent control laws. AB 1506 was introduced Friday, Feb. 17, the last day to propose bills in the 2017 California Legislature. Assemblymen Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica; Rob Bonta, D-Oakland; and David Chiu, D-San… Read More

Happy Holidays! Guest Post: Generate Revenue by Going Green

Happy Holidays! As we all rush into the holidays, I would like to take a moment to honor the victims of the Ghost Ship fire.  While the loss of all the young lives is deplorable, may this incident serve all property owners as a reminder to be vigilant about their properties’ conditions regardless of the… Read More

Update on Submeter Bill

Greetings! Senate Bill 7 is a bill that governs water submeters in new apartment construction. The bill, which is a win for landlords, has progressed through the legislative process and is now in front of the Assembly. The bill will allow landlords to passthough water costs to tenants. This will result in cost savings for… Read More

Fire Prevention and Proposed Sprinkler Ordinance

First off, I would like to thank everyone who reached out regarding the fire at Mission and 29th Streets on Saturday, June 18. Thankfully, my building and business were on different blocks, but my heart goes out to the businesses and residents who were displaced by the fire. No one was hurt in the fire…. Read More

 California Apartment Association Working to Passthrough Legislation to Support Landlords

The California Apartment Association is working with the California State Legislature to passthrough legislation that would benefit landlords. Several pro-housing bills made progress this week by making their way out of their respective committees. Legislation affecting density, including the legalization of in-law units, is included in the legislation, which would make it easier for property owners… Read More

San Francisco’s Proposed Mandatory Facade Inspection Ordinance

The city is considering a new ordinance that would require regular facade inspection for older buildings. There is currently no requirement in the San Francisco Building Code for regular facade inspections and maintenance.  On October 24, 2014, Mayor Ed Lee introduced a proposed ordinance that would amend Chapter 16 of the San Francisco Building Code… Read More

Sign Petition to Oppose Senator Leno’s Ellis Act Bill, SB 364

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing rejected SB 364, Mark Leno’s Ellis Act bill, by a 6-5 vote. Thanks to your amazing action and the great work of our coalition partners, we defeated SB 364 in its first Senate hearing! Unfortunately, Leno still has the opportunity to bring back the bill for… Read More

2015 California Legislation that Could Affect Landlords

Senator Mark Leno has reintroduced legislation affecting the Ellis Act. Mirroring last year’s bill, which was approved by the Senate last year but fell one vote short in the Assembly Housing Committee, Senate Bill 364 would force buyers to own a building for at least five years before they could evict tenants using the Ellis… Read More

San Francisco’s Business Registration Fees Ordinance

The Gross Receipts Tax and Business Registration Fees Ordinance (2012 Proposition E) was approved by San Francisco voters on November 6, 2012 and implemented in 2014. Although 2014 has come and gone, there still seems to be some confusion among my clients about the gross receipts tax. So I wanted to take the opportunity to… Read More