New Fire Safety Ordinance

SFFDIn August 2016, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed new legislation aimed at promoting fire and life safety, reducing the risk of fires and preventing property damage from fires. The new laws, which have been incorporated into the San Francisco Fire Code, establish new requirements for residential building owners.

The new requirements include having building owners provide residential tenants with updated information on fire safety and smoke alarm requirements, post fire safety related information in common areas of their buildings, file and post a Statement of Compliance form for annual fire alarm testing, and post the building manager contact information at the building entry.

The requirements and effective dates vary based on the total number of residential units in each building and when the legislation was approved. Failure to comply with these requirements will lead to violations being issued. The new code requirements and compliance dates are available on the San Francisco Fire Department-Bureau of Fire Prevention website. The first deadline for compliance is January 31, 2017.

If you would like assistance in complying with the new ordinance. Please contact Natalie at Lingsch Realty at or (415) 648-1516.

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