San Francisco’s Proposed Mandatory Facade Inspection Ordinance

The city is considering a new ordinance that would require regular facade inspection for older buildings. There is currently no requirement in the San Francisco Building Code for regular facade inspections and maintenance.  On October 24, 2014, Mayor Ed Lee introduced a proposed ordinance that would amend Chapter 16 of the San Francisco Building Code… Read More

New In-Law Construction Approved in Districts 3 & 8

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has approved New In-Law construction for Districts 3 and 8.  District 3 includes the North Waterfront, North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Financial District, Downtown, Nob Hill and parts of Russian Hill and Civic Center.  Corona Heights, Duboce Triangle, Mission Dolores, Twin Peaks, Glen Park, Noe Valley and parts of Bernal… Read More

San Francisco 2015 Ballot Issues that Affect Landlords

The November 3 ballot is teeming with issues with outcomes that will affect property owners.  While several of the propositions seem worthy of your vote on the surface, digging a little deeper reveals that the result of their passage may not have the intended effects.  See how Lingsch Realty voted below. Prop A: Affordable Housing… Read More

Preparing for El Nino

El Nino is a weather pattern produced by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific. The El Nino phenomenon is associated with extreme weather around the globe. In California, it typically means a wet winter with higher than normal rain levels. An El Nino is predicted for this winter continuing into 2016. In order… Read More

Break-Ins Are on the Rise: Why and How You Can Keep Your Building Safe

Break-ins both home and auto are on the rise. I have been in this business for 13 years and had one break in in my career, until last year. Since then, it seems almost monthly I hear of an incident from a tenant or client about some crime on their property. Some things I’ve experienced… Read More

How Small Property Owners Can Compete with New Developments

It seems every day there is a news article about San Francisco’s increasing median rents. They are the highest in the country. They are rising.  You can see the most talked about data from Zumper here. But is this really a true reflection of what is going on all over the city? To see why this… Read More

Why We Need to Start Having a Conversation About Ending or Modifying Rent Control

There is no denying San Francisco is in the midst of a housing crisis as it is during every economic boom. Housing programs such as Section 8 and public housing help lower income residents and wealthy residents remain unaffected, but the middle class suffers. It is time for us to look at Rent Control to… Read More

Sign Petition to Oppose Senator Leno’s Ellis Act Bill, SB 364

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing rejected SB 364, Mark Leno’s Ellis Act bill, by a 6-5 vote. Thanks to your amazing action and the great work of our coalition partners, we defeated SB 364 in its first Senate hearing! Unfortunately, Leno still has the opportunity to bring back the bill for… Read More

2015 California Legislation that Could Affect Landlords

Senator Mark Leno has reintroduced legislation affecting the Ellis Act. Mirroring last year’s bill, which was approved by the Senate last year but fell one vote short in the Assembly Housing Committee, Senate Bill 364 would force buyers to own a building for at least five years before they could evict tenants using the Ellis… Read More

Bill Seeks to Stop Discrimination Against Section 8 Tenants

Hawaii state senators recently announced a bill to stop discrimination against Section 8 tenants. Some states already have laws on the books, and if Hawaii’s bill passes, you can expect other states to follow. This is an important issue to keep on your radar, as working with Section 8 tenants and the Housing Authority, who… Read More