Happy New Year! What to Expect in 2015

2015A new year brings new hope for us as landlords and unfortunately new determination for tenants’ unions to pass more tenant-friendly legislation.

Landlords were successful in 2014 in knocking down some landmark legislation and court rulings aimed at making owning properties more difficult and costly, including SB 1439 (Leno) and Levin vs. San Francisco.

2015 vows to be no different and we, as landlords, need to keep the momentum going and spread the word that more tenant-friendly legislation will not help San Francisco, but rather impede further growth.

Help to keep these laws off the books by voting, writing your congress and keeping your peers informed and encouraging them to take action as well.

You can find a summary of likely 2015 issues here.

The Rent Board has released the allowable rent increase and security deposit interest rates for 2015.  They are 1.9% and 0.1% respectively.

To see the full list of 2015 rates and fees, please visit the San Francisco Rent Board site.



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