San Francisco Rent Board Passthroughs and Petitions

Lingsch Realty specializes in maximizing their clients’ income potential.

While San Francisco landlords are limited by the Rent Board with regards to how much they can raise the rent annually, the Rent Board does allow for other increases called “passthroughs.”

There are many items which may warrant filing a passthrough petition to see if you can legally increase your tenants’ rent.

  • Capital Improvement Passthrough
  • Operating And Maintenance Expense Increase
  • Special Circumstances Increase Based on Rents for Comparable Units
  • Rent Increase Based on the Past Rent History of a Proposition I Affected Unit
  • Utility Passthroughs

Most passthroughs require filing a landlord petition and subsequent hearing.  However, the process is fairly easy and non-time-consuming in most instances.

Lingsch Realty can tell you if you have any passthrough options and assist you with preparing and filing the passthrough petition and hearing.

For more information on passthroughs, please visit our blog entry entitled “Are You Getting the Most Income From Your Properties? An Overview of Rent Board Passthroughs

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