The Landlord’s Voice: Supporting Our Community Against the “Justice For Renters” Act

Dear San Francisco Landlords, The “Justice For Renters” Act, if passed, could have severe implications for us as landlords. This act aims to significantly restrict our ability to raise rents, enforce lease agreements, and evict tenants. While we believe in fair treatment for renters, this act goes too far, jeopardizing our ability to manage our… Read More

Call To Action: Contact Your SF Supervisors to Protect a Valuable Income Stream for SF Landlords

Pending Legislation Will Push the Burden of Paying for General Obligation Bonds onto Rental Property Owners You may not even notice the small Bond Passthrough amount that your tenants pay each month.  Under current law, rental property owners receive a 50% passthrough rate for increases on their property tax bill related to voter-approved General Obligation… Read More

Reducing Utility Costs and Addressing Tenant Concerns

Dear Landlord: As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape of property management in San Francisco, I wanted to bring to your attention some pertinent information regarding utility costs in our buildings, tenant concerns related to PG&E bills, and proactive measures we can take to address these issues. Recently, we have received an increasing number… Read More

Important Update for California Landlords: Understanding the New Civil Code on Micromobility Devices

Dear California Landlords, We trust this message finds you in good health. We are reaching out to inform you about recent legislative changes that directly impact landlords in the state of California. The introduction of new Civil Code provisions related to micromobility devices (i.e. e-bikes, electric scooters, hoverboards, etc.) necessitates your attention to ensure that… Read More

Using the Principles of Persuasion to Negotiate with Tenants

As the rental market continues to evolve, a new trend is emerging, one that might initially seem daunting but ultimately presents an opportunity for both landlords and tenants: the art of rent negotiation. In recent years, an increasing number of tenants are actively engaging in discussions about their lease, seeking more flexible terms or reduced… Read More

Unlocking Financial Returns: The Pawsitive Impact of Allowing Dogs in San Francisco Buildings

Dear San Francisco Landlords, In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the real estate market, with tenants increasingly seeking pet-friendly housing options. As the demand for pet-friendly rentals continues to rise, property owners are discovering that embracing this trend can lead to substantial financial returns. In this newsletter article, we’ll explore the… Read More

Enhance Common Areas to Attract Tenants

Common areas are an extension of tenants’ homes. Show them you care. Dear San Francisco Landlords, We hope this newsletter finds you well. As property owners and managers, we often focus on the inside of our apartments, ensuring they are updated and well-maintained for our tenants. However, it’s essential to remember that the common areas… Read More

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Must Approve Changes to Planning Code for a Better Future

San Francisco is a city known for its beauty, diversity, and economic opportunities. However, it also faces significant challenges in terms of housing affordability and availability. To address these pressing issues, the San Francisco Planning Commission has approved changes to the Planning Code, offering a promising solution. Now, it is crucial for the Board of… Read More

Weighing Tenant Satisfaction with Your Bottom Line

In the age of social media, poor tenant relations can cost you more than money. I never thought I would mention TikTok in this newsletter.  I, for one, am not a subscriber, but recent articles I’ve seen mentioning the platform inspired me to address a larger topic: weighing tenant satisfaction with your bottom line. A… Read More

How Lingsch Realty Saves You Money on Repairs and Improvements

While no property owner likes to see monthly expenses on their monthly accounting, they are unfortunately a part of owning investment property. While they may be frustrating, you may not see behind the scenes of how Lingsch Realty works hard to mitigate these expenses. Here is how: While owing investment property can be costly and… Read More

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