San Francisco Rent Board’s Housing Inventory and Fee Portal Now Active

Legislation passed in 2021 requires owners of residential housing units in San Francisco to begin reporting certain information about their units to the Rent Board. The Rent Board will use this information to create and maintain a “housing inventory” of all units in San Francisco that are subject to the Rent Ordinance. The secure reporting… Read More

Landlord Frauds and Scams: What to Watch Out For

Redfin has compiled advice for tenants on avoiding rental scams. Read the article featuring Lingsch Realty here.

Application Deadline for Rent Relief Has Passed: What does this mean for landlords?

With the state-wide rental assistance application deadline passed, what does that mean for landlords who are currently owed rent, or whose tenant fall behind in the coming months? Read more.

With Return to Office Orders Forthcoming, Who is Coming to San Francisco and What do we Need to Attract Them as Renters?

As we saw a mass exodus from San Francisco during the 2020 pandemic, we also saw a transition in who our tenants were.  They went from 1) roommates living in communal spaces to single people escaping their roommates for the first time for the privacy of studios and one-bedroom apartments; and 2) couples cozying up… Read More

How is Rent Relief Really Playing Out

Many of you may have heard of the federal, state and local rent relief programs available to tenants and landlords. The funding for this program comes from the Federal Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, which was passed on December 27, 2020. This act established the Emergency Rental Assistance Program with $25 Billion in rental assistance… Read More

What Tenants Want in Today’s Market

With the COVID-19 Delta variant keeping many city activities off the table and employers constantly shifting return-to-office policies, many tenants are still identifying their apartments as a live-work oasis, as opposed the crash pad it once was.  In addition, with the complete shut down in the near recent past, tenants aren’t soon going to forget how much time they were forced to spend at home, and therefore continue to be picky about their abodes.

Out of Corruption Comes Windfall for Landlords

Under a settlement deal with San Francsico, Recology will refund a portion of rate hikes paid by Recology customers between 2017-2020 that disgraced Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru approved. During the City’s negotiations with Recology, Nuru allegedly accepted over $1 million in bribes from Recology.

Now is the Time to Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream. With a 2018 high of EV sales, a slight drop in 2019 (probably attributed to an influx of early adopters in 2018) and yet another drop in 2020 attributable to less commuting due to COVID-related shut downs, the data show increasing EV adoption. And… Read More

Is Your Property a Good Investment?

While many of our clients are savvy investors, we have just as many clients who are just looking to pad their nest egg and think an investment property is a good option or inherited a property that they would like to keep in the family. Because a property is a tangible investment, you can see… Read More

A Year of COVID-19–What Next?

It has been over a year since all our worlds changed due to the pandemic. As we embark on our recovery, the market remains soft, and some of the past year’s resolutions should remain in place. Tenants still have the luxury of being picky. Even in lower-end markets, tenants demand spruced up kitchens, clean finishes… Read More

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