My Love of San Francisco is a Little Foggy These Days. Is Yours?

After a particularly rough day of managing homeless people and break-ins on my clients’ properties (currently an almost daily occurance) and navigating complex San Francisco landlord-tenant issues, I penned a rant to my supervisor. This isn’t the San Francisco I grew up loving. Is it yours? Read my rant here, then write your own supervisor…. Read More

July COVID-19 Market Update

Another month, another normal, another way we can adapt to the new rental market landscape.  While it seems like moves from layoffs and to be closer to family have leveled off, this month we saw a lot of moves from tenants who realize their work environment will continue to be their own couch for the… Read More

How to Handle Requests for Service Animals, Pets and Emotional Support Animals

The secret of how tenants can get their pets deemed Emotional Support Animals is out.  Tenants have figured out that they can easily find a counselor, psychologist or doctor who will prescribe an ESA for any range of ailments.  Most commonly, this is done with an Internet search and the tenant paying an unscrupulous therapy… Read More

2019 San Francisco Rent Board Rates

The March 1, 2019 – February 29, 2020 San Francisco Rent Board Rates have been released. They are as follows: Allowable Rent Increase 2.6% Security Deposit Interest 2.7% 2018-2019 Property Tax Rent Board Fees that Can Be Charged to Tenants $22.50       This is the largest allowable increase I have seen in my… Read More

How to Vote on June 5

Dear San Francisco Property Owners: The June 5 statewide election promises to be as contentious as ever for landlords and tenant advocates. With important measures and legislation-driving candidates on the ballot, as a landlord you need to vote and vote wisely. Find the San Francisco Apartment Association’s slate card with their recommendations here. This is… Read More

Three Proposed Laws Landlords Need to Write Their Legislators About

On the heels of last year’s successful defeat of a series of tenant-friendly laws, Democratic Assemblymen David Chiu of San Francisco, Richard Bloom of Santa Monica and Rob Bonta of Alameda have introduced legislation proposing new tenant protections. The following laws, which aim to make it harder to evict tenants and extend timelines before evictions… Read More

Four New Laws Landlords Need to Know for 2018

On Jan. 1, 2018, numerous laws relevant to the rental housing industry took effect in California. In the paragraphs below, we summarize the most significant of these laws for the rental property owners. 1) IMMIGRATION STATUS Targeting discrimination: Under AB 291, dubbed the Immigrant Tenant Protection Act, a landlord could face civil penalties if he… Read More

Renter Regrets and Landlord Solutions

Dear Landlords: Understanding what matters most to tenants will ensure you have content tenants, who will not move immediately following their initial lease term and pay the maximum rent your unit warrants. This will cut down vacancy times and turn over costs, which will add to your bottom line. Sometimes investing in a building and… Read More

San Francisco Fire Ordinance Updates

Supervisor Tang’s disclosure ordinance has been revised from its onerous requirements, which were put into effect this year.  The new ordinance is an abbreviated version of the old one and requires that owners comply by January 1, 2018. The new requirements are as follows: Owners of buildings with three or more dwelling units are required… Read More

Changes to San Francisco Tenant Ordinances

Dear Investment Property Owners: I hope you are all having a great summer. There have been several changes to San Francisco Tenant ordinances as of late. Please take the time to read the below so you understand the changes and are able to comply.     Ellis Act Backlash: The Supreme Court shut down the… Read More

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