Property Management

While owning investment property in San Francisco can be very rewarding financially, there are many rules and regulations in this tenant-friendly city, that don’t always make it easy. Having a knowledgeable property manager involved in the daily management of your properties can help you circumvent potential problems before they become costly legal issues.

Let Lingsch Realty take the headache out of owing investment property.  You will benefit from our years of experience and continual education.

Many people think property management is static–once you have your tenants and systems in place you can relax–this is not the case.   Whether it is offering new services to our clients, or adding amenities for our tenants, we are constantly innovating to serve our tenants and clients better.  With the constantly changing rental market and new legislation, it is imperative that we keep up so we can keep our clients informed.

Think full time property management is expensive?  We offer customized packages that give you as much or a little assistance as you need, for a price that fits in  your budget.

Our full management package includes:

  • Handling all tenant inquiries and maintenance requests
  • Collecting rents
  • Paying bills
  • Providing itemized income/expense statements
  • Coordinating repairs and routine maintenance
  • Monitoring your property with regular property inspections
  • Advising on rent increases and potential Rent Board Passthroughs
Don’t need all the above services?  We can mix and match services to put together the perfect management plan for you and your properties.

As a Lingsch Realty client, you enjoy access to our monthly letter with invaluable advice for managing your properties, unlimited assistance with tenant matters and discounted pricing from our preferred service providers.


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