Maintenance Troubleshooting Tips

Dear Resident,

Most of the time, maintenance requests require a simple fix that can be done by you and take little to no time. Please review the following troubleshooting tips to see if your maintenance issue is listed below. If so, follow the troubleshooting tip(s) provided. If the troubleshooting tip(s) does not work, please let us know and we will assign a vendor to your request to call you to schedule a repair. If your maintenance issue is not listed below, please submit a maintenance request on the Resident Portal.

Thank you,

Lingsch Realty Property Management


Problem: My garbage disposal isn’t working.

Troubleshooting: 1. Please check and ensure the garbage disposal is plugged in. This may seem obvious, but appliance customer services representatives say that this is the most common source of problem for appliances. 2. If it is plugged in, please make sure the garbage disposal switch is in the “OFF” position and press the reset button usually found on the bottom of the unit. The reset button operates a build-in circuit breaker function, and if the reset button is “tripped”, it will be popped slightly outward. Simply pushing it back in will reset the unit.

Problem: Dishwasher won’t start

Troubleshooting: Try unplugging it from under the sink, wait a minute then plug it back in.

Problem: Dishwasher won’t drain

Troubleshooting: Check the bottom of the dishwasher to make sure there is no food covering or obstructing the drain. If there is, please remove it.

Problem: Dishwasher is leaking

Troubleshooting: Check that the dishwasher door is closing tightly and properly. Check the bottom of the dishwasher to make sure there is no food covering or obstructing the drain. If there is, please remove it.

Problem: Stove burner not lighting

Troubleshooting: 1. Check the igniters to see if they are working properly. 2. Ensure the burners are cleaned properly and completely. If not regularly cleaned, it can get closed and block the gas from getting to the igniter. 3. Ensure all the stovetop pieces are completely set in the holes/ in their proper places.

Problem: Stove top light not working/flickering

Troubleshooting: Make sure the bulb is screwed on tightly.  Try replacing the bulb.

Problem: Refrigerator icing over

Troubleshooting: 1. Check to make sure the deal around the refrigerator is clean and is sealing properly to the frame. 2. You should see an air vent in your refrigerator located on the top shelf. Make sure that it isn’t blocked. With certain refrigerator models, air from the freezer enters the refrigerator compartment through these vents. As a result, the top shelf can be slightly colder than the lower shelves. Are the items that are freezing being stored on the top shelf? 3. Locate the air vent in your freezer (if applicable). Check that it is clear of obstruction. If blocked, it will have the same effect as the fridge vents. 4. Reset your refrigerator’s temperature setting.

If these tips do not help, please email us a photo of the make/model of the refrigerator?

Problem: Dryer won’t dry clothes.

Troubleshooting: Make sure dryer filter/lint collector is clear. Continue to clear it in between each load.


Problem: Electric to whole apartment is out.

Troubleshooting: Check with your neighbors to make sure this isn’t an area-wide outage.  If it is just your apartment, please call PG&E to make sure your account is current. 

Problem: Outlets not working

Troubleshooting: Can you go to the subpanel and reset the circuit breaker? When you reset the breaker, you have to give it a little extra push to off in order to actually reset it. Then switch it back to on. You can watch this video for more information if you are unfamiliar with resetting a circuit breaker. If this doesn’t work, please let us know.

Problem: Light stopped working

Troubleshooting: If your light bulb went out, you are responsible for replacing it. If there is an issue with the actual light fixture or electrical wiring, please let us know and we will send someone to take a look.


Problem: Toilet won’t flush

Troubleshooting: Use a plunger to unclog it.

Problem: Shower is not draining/ is clogged

Troubleshooting: Submit maintenance request on Resident Portal. Do not use Draino to unclog your drains.

Problem: Sink is not draining/ is clogged

Troubleshooting: Submit maintenance request on Resident Portal. Do not use Draino to unclog your drains.


Problem: Heater won’t kick on


  • Please make sure you have the thermostat set at a temperature higher than the room temperature.  The best way to test this to by cranking up the thermostat all the way. If your heater still doesn’t kick on, submit a maintenance request.
  • Some older heaters take a few minutes to warms up and in doing so a fan kicks on while the heating elements warms up. Please leave the heater on for a little while to allow the heating element to warm up.

Problem: Internet/WIFI is out

Troubleshooting: We do not manage your internet. Please call your service provider.

Problem: Garage door won’t close.

Troubleshooting: Make sure there is nothing blocking the lasers at the bottom of the entrance to the garage and that they are lined up.

Problem: Mildew is growing in bathroom or on windows, window frames, or sills.

Troubleshooting: This is normal without regular ventilation and cleaning. Please clean the ceiling and walls, and make sure to keep the window open or fan on during and immediately after your shower.  Keep curtains open when possible.  Mildew will not grow in a light environment.

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