What Tenants Want in Today’s Market

With the COVID-19 Delta variant keeping many city activities off the table and employers constantly shifting return-to-office policies, many tenants are still identifying their apartments as a live-work oasis, as opposed the crash pad it once was.  In addition, with the complete shut down in the near recent past, tenants aren’t soon going to forget how much time they were forced to spend at home, and therefore continue to be picky about their abodes.

Now is the Time to Add Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There is no doubt that electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream. With a 2018 high of EV sales, a slight drop in 2019 (probably attributed to an influx of early adopters in 2018) and yet another drop in 2020 attributable to less commuting due to COVID-related shut downs, the data show increasing EV adoption. And… Read More

Congratulations to Our Tenant Relations Coordinator

There are two things we couldn’t have survived 2020 without: 1) The San Francisco Apartment Association for their market insight and COVID guidance and protocols; and 2) our newly hired tenant relations coordinator, Alexis Romero for the way she effortlessly handles tenant interactions yielding the most positive result. Recently those two things came together when… Read More

November 2020 Election Legislation Outcomes Landlords Need to Know

Hi All! With the November election over, we would like to update you with how the results will or will not affect you. Ultimately, this election pulled out a few wins for California landlords and homeowners! Prop 15: California’s biggest real estate tax proposal in more than four decades was successfully defeated by 51.8% of… Read More

Tired of Managing Lobby and Garage Thefts and Tenant Security Complaints?

The passage of Prop 20 may help. Dear California Residents and Property Owners: Have you had an increase in tenant complaints about car break-ins, package thefts and overall crime in recent years? Have you wondered what could have caused or influenced this increase in crime? If you voted in 2014, you may remember Proposition 47… Read More

Please Welcome Our New Tenant Relations Coordinator, Alexis Romero

Last month marks my 18th year in this business.  When I walked into my grandfather’s office that fateful day after getting laid off from a tech job when the bubble burst in 2002, I had no idea what the future would hold for me.  I jumped in modernizing my grandfather’s office, putting new systems in… Read More

My Love of San Francisco is a Little Foggy These Days. Is Yours?

After a particularly rough day of managing homeless people and break-ins on my clients’ properties (currently an almost daily occurance) and navigating complex San Francisco landlord-tenant issues, I penned a rant to my supervisor. This isn’t the San Francisco I grew up loving. Is it yours? Read my rant here, then write your own supervisor…. Read More

July COVID-19 Market Update

Another month, another normal, another way we can adapt to the new rental market landscape.  While it seems like moves from layoffs and to be closer to family have leveled off, this month we saw a lot of moves from tenants who realize their work environment will continue to be their own couch for the… Read More

How to Handle Requests for Service Animals, Pets and Emotional Support Animals

The secret of how tenants can get their pets deemed Emotional Support Animals is out.  Tenants have figured out that they can easily find a counselor, psychologist or doctor who will prescribe an ESA for any range of ailments.  Most commonly, this is done with an Internet search and the tenant paying an unscrupulous therapy… Read More

Changes to San Francisco Tenant Ordinances

Dear Investment Property Owners: I hope you are all having a great summer. There have been several changes to San Francisco Tenant ordinances as of late. Please take the time to read the below so you understand the changes and are able to comply.     Ellis Act Backlash: The Supreme Court shut down the… Read More