Preparing for El Nino

Wet Weather Continues In AucklandEl Nino is a weather pattern produced by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific. The El Nino phenomenon is associated with extreme weather around the globe. In California, it typically means a wet winter with higher than normal rain levels. An El Nino is predicted for this winter continuing into 2016.

In order to lessen the impact of El Nino’s damage on your properties, take the following precautions now:

Inspect your building’s gutters, drains and flashing. Don’t wait for the wet season to find out that your roof is in poor condition. Get the work done now while it is dry and roofing companies are not as busy.

  1. Trim overhanging trees. Don’t forget about large trees that hang over your roofs. Wet, windy weather can damage a roof if a limb breaks or a tree falls because of soggy soil.
  2. Maintain conditions of flat-roof membranes. Flat roofs are especially vulnerable to blocked scuppers and roof drains. Backed-up water will find the slightest weakness in any roof system and even cause a roof to collapse.

If you would like Lingsch Realty’s assistance in any of the above matters, please contact us at (415) 648-1516.


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