New Landlord Laws for 2016

Along with the new year and resolutions, always comes new laws for landlords.  Below, please find a summary of those new laws that may affect you. AFFORDABLE HOUSING Community Revitalization Authority Assembly Bill 2 (D-Alejo) AB 2 allows specified “disadvantaged” areas of California to create a new entity called a Community Revitalization Investment Authority. The… Read More

Break-Ins Are on the Rise: Why and How You Can Keep Your Building Safe

Break-ins both home and auto are on the rise. I have been in this business for 13 years and had one break in in my career, until last year. Since then, it seems almost monthly I hear of an incident from a tenant or client about some crime on their property. Some things I’ve experienced… Read More

A Tenant’s Perspective on Leasing

I recently found myself on the other side of my business, as I searched for an apartment in San Francisco. I decided I wanted to move back to San Francisco after almost ten years of Peninsula living.  I rented out my house and took the plunge into apartment searching. I decided to use this opportunity… Read More

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